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Share your
wellness experiences

Write about your own health-related experiences. This space is dedicated to giving everyone the opportunity to share experiences related to physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

This page gives you the chance to share, so that your story can be a source of encouragement and helpful information to others.

A few guidelines before you share,


Please refrain from making factual statements that are not cited. It is important for readers to be able to easily recognise the difference between a personal experience and a researched statement. Unless the statements you write are cited, specify that the information is coming from your own experience with phrases like "My experience was..." or "I found that..." etc.


Please refrain from submitting illegal content in your article, including pirated material or someone else’s original work without proper citation.

Any and all illegal or offensive content will be automatically refused. 


Please refrain from making any offensive statements towards varying viewpoints. This is a safe space for sharing where readers from all walks of life can find helpful first-hand accounts of health related experiences. Any condescending and/or shaming statements towards any belief system or sexual orientation will result in admitted content being refused.

Now it's time to write your story and share  your realife!

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Please begin by providing some basic information about yourself.

Next, you can either write your story right here, or copy and paste it.

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Add pictures that help tell your story.

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Any exttra notes you'd like to add?

Now all that's left is to submit your story! 

You may be contacted if any editing is necessary before publishing. 

If no editing is necessary, you'll be contacted with the pulish date of your story.


Thank you for sharing!


You will be contacted with your article's publishing date once it's been approved.

Then, you'll be able to see it for yourself on our page, Holistic Health Stories!

If you have any questions please contact

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