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Fun facts

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The first time I ever did yoga was from following a YouTube video! 

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I've been living in France for over eight years!

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My first training to become a yoga teacher was in French!

Growing up in the country-side of Kentucky, I didn't have access to a yoga studio. So my first experience with yoga was online. It was such a profound discovery to me, realizing that an exercise mat could be transformed into a judgment-free zone, where the only thing that mattered was taking one loving breath after the other. 

Whatever your religious beliefs, body type, or walk of life may be, I believe that yoga should be accessible to you. These incredible techniques, which have been passed down for thousands of years, have so much to offer in not only physical health benefits, but mental and spiritual wellness as well. And everyone deserves the opportunity to be enriched by them. This is why I share yoga in person, and online.

I'm a firm believer that wellness looks different for different people, and your yoga practice should reflect that by being adjusted and adaptable to your special, unique, and worthy body. As my students can tell you, something I repeat often is "take the version of each pose that best serves YOU." The world is so much more beautiful with the uniqueness you are offering it, and thank goodness we're not all from the same cookie cutter! This is true for our personalities, spirits and our bodies,  and deserves to be honored and accepted in a yoga practice, as in everything else. 

For me, it's all about listening, accepting, and responding with compassionate love. My wellness jounrey has been, and still is, greatly inspired by others' stories, so I'm hoping that the stories I share here will serve you in that same way.


My journey is far from over and I have a lot to learn, celebrate, un-learn, mourn and love ahead of me. I'm excited to continue sharing with you here, and growing together on and off the mat!

Thanks for reading, and letting me share with you! 

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